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wlc 5508 ios upgrade in ha mode

I am having 2 wlc 5508 in HA mode, and want to upgrade ios from 7.5 to 7.6

Current IOS file status in primary and secondary.

Primary  WLC IOS :  AIR-CT5500-K9-7-5-102-0.aes

Standby WLC IOS :  AIR-CT5500-LDPE-K9-7-5-102-0.aes

HA WLC ios upgrade procedure is when we  upgrade ios in primary wlc it will push to standby wlc and if earlier ios version match it will accept it.

ISSUE : If you check in wlc status detail I have given upper both has same ios version but IOS file are different and currently in HA mode and working.

Now I am trying to upgrade IOS it is not allow me to upgrade it.

Giving below error :


TFTP receive complete... extracting components.

Checking Version Built.

Image version check passed.

Informing the standby to start the transfer download process

Waiting for the Transfer & Validation result from Standby.

Standby - Standby receive complete... extracting components.

Standby - Checking Version Built.

Standby - Image version check passed.

Standby - Transfer failure : Upgrade from non LDPE to LDPE software is not allowed.
Please download AIR-CT5500-K9-x-x-x-x.aes image instead.

Transfer & Validation on Standby failed.

Transfer download failed both on Active & Standby, Please retry download

(Cisco Controller) >


Please suggest how I can upgrade IOS in HA mode.


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Primary WLC IOS : AIR

Primary  WLC IOS :  AIR-CT5500-K9-7-5-102-0.aes

Standby WLC IOS :  AIR-CT5500-LDPE-K9-7-5-102-0.aes

This won't work and you'll see from the error message.  Your standby WLC has a particular firmware loaded with LDPE enabled.  So first, you need to answer if you need LDPE or not.   


Both firmwares has to match, including LDPE.  If you need LDPE, the your primary has to be loaded with LDPE before you can proceed.  If you don't need LDPE, then you need to downgrade the secondary to non-LDPE version before you can proceed.

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Hi Leo,That i understood

Hi Leo,

That i understood through error msg, but my doubt is how it made HA between different firmware include device.

Second thing is if I dont want LDPE then can u tell me procedure to download non LDPE IOS in a simple step.


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