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10/100 Mbps fiber switch?

I have a customer with an old 3COM Lanplex 2500 switch that has 16 10 Mbps Ethernet ST fiber connections for servers. What Cisco products can do this?

I was looking at the WS-G5484 GBICs, but they are 1000 Mbps only. Any thoughts?

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Re: 10/100 Mbps fiber switch?

There were some cards in the 5000 series switches that did this, but I don't think there is anything recent that will give you what you need.



Re: 10/100 Mbps fiber switch?

You could use some 10BaseT to 10BaseFL media converters/repeaters and connect to a 10/100 UTP interface - there are various Cisco switches that have 10/100 UTP Ethernet interfaces.



Re: 10/100 Mbps fiber switch?

I second Andy's suggestion.

Most manufacturers these days are not building multiple-fiber-port modules in the small footprint niche that the 3Com LANplex/CoreBuilder 2500 and 3500 occupied. Especially in the slower (10 or 100) speeds. No money to be made there.

I have replaced several 3Com LANplex and CoreBuilder switches that had 10Base-FL or 100BASE-FX fiber modules, with Cisco 10/100 UTP switches and rack-mounted media converters of the appropriate speed (10 or 100) and fiber type (MMF or SMF). Takes up a little more space in the rack, and requires extra power outlets for the media converter shelf, but it works fine.

In some ways, this approach is even more flexible: you can add or replace on a port-by-port basis, vs. swapping out a whole 8-port 10FL (2500) or 6-port 100FX (3500) module.

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Re: 10/100 Mbps fiber switch?

WS-C3550-24-FX-SMI 24-100FX MMF+2GBIC ports might be your choice.

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Re: 10/100 Mbps fiber switch?

Thanks for all of the responses. According to Cisco presales support, none of their products are backward compatible with 10Base-FL, not even the 100Base-FX. So media convertors it is!

Thanks for all your help,


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