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10/100 Problem??

We have 4 2950's connected to two 4000 switches.

When attempting to ping a device (with a 10mbit card) we get sporadic results. Mostly times out.

Bypassing the switch by connecting directly to the patch panel port of the device allows us to ping the device.

Replacing the device with a laptop and pinging the laptop through the switch also works. The laptop has a 100mbit card.

It seems that the switch is having a hard time with the 10mbit card. I dont know if its the 2950 or the 4000 and I am not experienced with switches and routers.

Can you recomend a next step, thanks



Re: 10/100 Problem??


You need to check the switch port that the device connects to. The command "show interface (interface ID) will indicate whether the speed and duplex settings are correct. The speed and duplex settings should both be set for auto-negotiate. If they are not, the commands to correct them are "speed auto" and "duplex auto", both in interface configuration mode.

Good luck.



Re: 10/100 Problem??

Possible explanations:

A. The device with the 10-megabit card may not know how to auto-negotiate speed and duplex with the 10/100 switch port.

B. The switch port may be assuming a default speed and/or duplex when it detects link, but gets no auto-negotiation responses; and these settings may not match what the 10-meg device needs in order to operate properly.

C. The switch port may be manually configured to a speed and/or duplex that is not the same as what the 10-meg device is configured for.

Next steps:

1. Can you verify what the 10-meg card is capable of? I mean, can it be configured to do full duplex, or is it limited to just half duplex?

2. Assuming it is only capable of 10 half, I suggest you manually configure the switch port for 10-meg half duplex, patch into that switch port, and test the pings. If this works, then your problem is solved. Make sure that patch cable is labeled in some way, to identify that it must be plugged into a specific switch port.

Hope this helps.

New Member

Re: 10/100 Problem??

I verified with the device manufacturer that indeed the device requires the 10mbit configuration and can not be configured or upgraded to full duplex.

I will try your suggestion, thank you.


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