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126K + 126K = 256K INTERNET!

Hi, i got this issue, and find no answer.. can somebody help me?, i got 2 internet isdn lines of 126K and i want to mix 'em to make one 256K internet on a 3640 router, can that be done? if so.. please answer me, any answer is welcome

Thank you

Federico Leon Castro


Re: 126K + 126K = 256K INTERNET!

The feature that you are referring to is known as PPP Multilink. See the following URl for more information -

Re: 126K + 126K = 256K INTERNET!

Be forewarned though. Unless your ISP guarantees that you will be able to multilink ,sometimes you will be able to get that bigger virtual pipe and other times you will not. I ran into this with UUNet ISDN lines. They sold me on 128k of bandwidth but I came to find out I can only multilink when both calls end up on the same bundle on the ISPs side. Sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't. When it didn't I was stuck with 2 64k calls that I could only run data through, not voice as planned. If your ISP supports multi-chassis multilink then this will not be an issue as you will be able to multilink no matter where your calls end up at.

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Re: 126K + 126K = 256K INTERNET!

Thanks for the answers, but i don't want to split the bandwidth i want to put the two 128k together to make a 256k is that possible? ot maybe i'm missunderstanding your answers.

thanks anyways i really aprecciate your interest.

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