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1721 configuration questions

I have two Cisco 1721 routers, each with a 1ENET in WIC0 and a 1DSU-T1 in WIC1. The routers are intended to connect two buildings and the LAN's in each building are set up in different class C subnets. WIC1 will connect to an existing T1 circuit that runs between the two sites. The 1ENET interface will connect to a 5 GHz radio link that is configured as a point to point bridge. Each end of the radio link has an Ethernet interface (10baseT) and each has a management interface currently configured as at the local site, and at the remote site. What is the best way to configure these routers, particularly in terms of the 1ENET interface in order to maximize use of the higher speed radio link? Also, what is the best addressing scheme in order to still be able to get to the radio's management interface? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



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Re: 1721 configuration questions

Any update on this?

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Re: 1721 configuration questions

Right now the WIC0 interfaces are numbered in the subnet and this seems to be working fine. The routers can talk to each other and I'm able to get to the radio management interfaces. The WIC1 interfaces are unnumbered but haven't been tested since there's some site work to complete before the routers are moved into place.

The question remains about how to have the routers favor the higher speed radio link but still (hopefully) load share over both connections.

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