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1721 Connectivity

The problem we are having is connectivity after a reboot. When the router is working fine, I can do a 'save run start' and reboot the box. When the router comes back up, the length of time it takes to see the upstream router varies, but is always a long time. Also, it takes several minutes before you can ping the local ethernet interface from the command line of the router even after the interfaces are reported up to the serial console.

When the router actually is able to see upstream seems to depend on incoming traffic. I am fairly sure that the router will only see out on the serial port after some traffic comes in from the upstream router. When I called my friend and asked him to ping in to the router's serial interface IP, the router came up instantly. I was able to reproduce this and it always happened the same way. Only when his traffic came from the upstream router did the 1721 start sending data to the upstream.


Re: 1721 Connectivity

So when you are consoled into the router, you see the etherenet interface is up/up but can not ping it right away? I have never heard of the router being unable to pass traffic out a serial interface until an outside host pings the serial interface... Before you had your friend ping your serial interface, were you able to ping his address from this router?

I would be interested in seeing the boot up sequence and configs from this router... possibly something is misconfigured on this router that is causing this behavior.

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