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1721 with ADSL WIC - Startup Config

We've just bought a 1721 Router with an ADSL WIC.

I've gone through the basic config but I now need to configure the rest of the router; ADSL WIC, Firewall, VPN, etc.

Is there another way of configuring the unit without having to use the terminal window using commands? This seems very complicated. For example, a web interface?

I have tried config maker, but this doesn't seem to work, as well as not wanting to work with the ADSL WIC.

Any help gratefully received.

New Member

Re: 1721 with ADSL WIC - Startup Config

Unfortunately not.

Config maker does not support the WIC-1ADSL. It will recognise the card but it will not config it.

The web interface of the router will allow you to enter the same command that you could to the exec command line.

The best step by step guide I found is at:

This guide is focussed on the 827 but is applicable, almost verbatim, to the 1721 (remeber to use the appropriate interface names, since the 1721 is a modular router therefore the ATM interface can be ATM0/0 or ATM1/0, while the ethernet interface is Fastethernet 0/0).

Additionally you might wish to have a look at some tips on DSL config:

or to use PPPoE with a WIC-1ADSL:

If you are at your first experience with Cisco HW configuring an ADSL connection is not the easier task at hand but I hope this will help.


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Re: 1721 with ADSL WIC - Startup Config

Thanks for that. I am now able to configure most of my ADSL WIC settings but there are still a few I am not.

I don't seem to be able to find where I input the username and password used by the router to logon to the ISP.

Any suggestions?

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