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1760 router IOS cant see serial interface

We are having a problem when we change the IOS of the new 1760 router to an IP/IPX Feature pack version. There is no problem with the downloaded version from Cisco site since the checksum is O.K. However, the serial interfaces could not be seen when executing a show interface, show running-config and show flash command is unrecognized.

We brought back the router to the built-in IOS image and everything works fine.

Overview: Built-in image is c1700-y-mz.122-2.XK.bin

IP/IPX Feature version: c1700-ny-mz.121-2.bin

We think that the image is the problem on supporting this new model of the 1700 particularly 1760. Taking note of the version. The IP/IPX feature pack that we downloaded from Cisco is lesser in version than the built-in version that came with the router.

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Re: 1760 router IOS cant see serial interface


You did not indicate which interface on what card is not being reconized. If you do a "show hardware", do you see the module? My guess is not. You need to verify which code handles which module. There is a 12.2(2)xk2 version of IP/IPX s/w on the web. With only know what your IP version of s/w is, my bet is that this code would work for you.

Good luck...Steve

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Re: 1760 router IOS cant see serial interface


If you use the HW/SW Compatibility Matrix you can easily determine what IOS version supports what hardware. You will need to have a CCO account with the correct access level :-


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