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1900: Connect two laptops

Hi, I'm new to this Cisco Switch, and networking also. I have a 1900 catalyst switch, and my main goal is to connect two laptops to it (both are running Ubuntu Linux 6.06). The problem is, I have no idea what to set the IP and/ gateway things as on the switch and laptops. Please help with that. And also on one laptop, the ethernet port acts weird, the light on switch wont go on, but in dmesg it seems to know something was connected, but not completely. Please tell me how to connect and what settings to use for laptops and switch with examples, i also do have the console cable to set it up. Thanks.


Re: 1900: Connect two laptops


You dont need much of a configuration for your 2 laptops to work.

1. Assign ip address to both the laptops in the same subnet.

eg. (lap1 - Subnet- & lap2 - subnet No default gateway is needed as they will be in the same subnet.

2. Try hardcoding the speed and duplex settings on the laptop (dont know how it is done on a linux box) and also hard code the settings on the switch port they are conencted to.

3. you will need straight cat5 cables to connect the laptops to the switch.

4. you can assign an ip to the switch for management.



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Re: 1900: Connect two laptops

Right now, i have the switch:

Switch IP:



And my laptop is set to:



No gateway

I try to ping the switch from laptop by pinging and it says its just unreacheble with 100% loss. If i ping laptop from switch to, its a complete loss. Why dont they notice each other?

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Re: 1900: Connect two laptops

can you check vlan!. but default all vlan are native one..

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Re: 1900: Connect two laptops

I'm really new at this. I dont know how to set a vlan, but it says the vlan is 1..

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