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1GB Link

Please can we present a IGB link line as a RJ45 so that we can put it on a Cat 6509 with a 1000BaseSX Ethernet WS-X6416-GE-MT slot.? Or what should it be presented as for it to be linked into one of this ports.?


Re: 1GB Link

Sounds like you want a media converter, to convert from 1000BASE-SX out of an MT-RJ port to 1000BASE-T in an RJ-45 port. Transition Networks is one company that makes these; there are others. See their standalone media converters at the following link:

Depending on what kind of ends you have on your multimode fiber patch cable, there are two models of media converter for you:

If fiber patch is MT-RJ to MT-RJ, then product number SGETF1018-100 is what you want.

If fiber patch is MT-RJ to SC, then product number SGETF1013-100 is for you.

If you have an open GBIC slot on your 6509, and the CatalystOS and IOS are up to date, I think you can also use a Cisco WS-G5483 1000BASE-T GBIC and come right out of your 6509 with a Category 5 RJ-45 patch cable. This would be cleaner than using the media converter (no AC power outlet needed).

Hope this helps.

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Re: 1GB Link


What I actually have is a 1GB fibre WAN Link and a Cat 6509 that has 16x1GB MTRJ. I am trying to tell the WAN company what to bring the presentation in as.

The aim is to connect the 1 G link straight up to the Cat6509 instead of going through a router. SO what is the most functional presentation to bring the IGB Link.?



Re: 1GB Link

The WAN Service Provider is going to bring the Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3z) signal in via single-mode fiber. The external fiber will most likely terminate inside your building with SC connectors. If we were building it, that's what we would do, unless you requested otherwise.

We would provide a small Cisco Layer-2-only switch with two GBIC slots. One slot would take a GBIC of the appropriate wavelength (1300nm for LX/LH, 1550nm for ZX). Then, depending on the bandwidth contracted, we would either do a Category 5 UTP patch cable hand-off from one of the 10/100 ports; or a TX, SX, or LX GBIC connection to the customer's equipment.

If you want the WAN Service Provider to attach directly to one of your 1000BASE-SX ports with MT-RJ connector, you will either need to provide a switch used as above, and an SC to MT-RJ multimode patch cable; or a media converter to take the Gigabit signal they are sending at a specific wavelength and convert it to 1000BASE-SX. Your 1000BASE-SX MT-RJ port is expecting to see signals at 850nm wavelength.

Also, before you plug their single-mode cable into any of your equipment, have them test the optical power being received at your end. If the signal is too powerful for your receive optics, you will need in-line attenuators.

I would not recommend an IOS router for this purpose. It is too expensive for what it's going to do for you, and will impact your throughput. Let the 6509 with Supervisor module and MSFC handle the Layer 3 functions. It will run circles around any router.

Hope this helps.

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