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2 3750 questions

I have 2 3750's that I have decided NOT to use stackwise. They are replacing 2 3550 switches that were connected via gigastack cable running HSRP. I am going to do the 3750's the same way.

Question 1: I did connect the switches via the stackwise cable to experiment. I have "write erased" both switches but they still seem to think they are connected via stackwise. Ports are numbered incorrectly for standalone. How do I get rid of this?

Question 2: The 2 3750's will uplink via copper crossover. What if anything do I lose not using the gigastack cable?


Re: 2 3750 questions

Neve really done this but if write erase didn't work then you could try renumbering the stack so that it thinks it's number 1 in the stack. This page should help you with this.

Cisco Employee

Re: 2 3750 questions

1)You can use the switch renumber command. For example if all your interfaces have 2/0/x numbering and you want to change to 1/0/x, you can issue the following command

Stack1(config)#switch 2 renumber 1

WARNING: Changing the switch number may result in a

configuration change for that switch.

The interface configuration associated with the old switch

number will remain as a provisioned configuration.

Do you want to continue?[confirm]

Changing Switch Number 1 to Switch Number 2

New Switch Number will be effective after next reboot

2)The stackwise gives you a 32Gigabit backplane ring and offers higher resilience and ease of management. If I were you, I would use Stackwise.

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Re: 2 3750 questions

Thanks guys, that worked.

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