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2 gateway

just recently bought a new 800 series router to connect to internet and to add in the existing router which connecting to branch office.It means I will have 2 gateway on my network.How should I set inorder to get all my workstations to connect to internet and connecting back to my brach at the same time.


Re: 2 gateway

Assuming all hosts are on the same switch and there's only one vlan. You can use HSRP to provide one virtual def.gtw. address to hosts with gateway redundancy. Docs about this:

HSRP solution is Cisco proprietary and in case your old router is not Cisco you may have to consider other choices (e.g.IRDP). Assuming you provided gateway redundancy and exhibited oe address to hosts. For the branch networks, On the new router,you should write statics pointing your old router and statics pointing the branches on the old router (probably you've at the moment),branches can use only static default routes pointing your old router. Your new router can contain static default route pointing internet and the old router can have a static default route pointing your new router. I tghink you'll configure NAT on the new router for the internet access.

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Re: 2 gateway

You can just have the PC's use the 800 router as the default gateway and add a route to the remote office and use the remote office router as the gateway for that route

On the 800 have the statements ISP next Hop

This is assuming that your branch office IP's are in the range and that the IP address of your branch office router is (which im sure it isnt)

also in the 2600 put the route for the remote office pointing to the WAN link and put in the default route ( pointing to the Internet router

This will work

Good luck

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