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2 switches and 1 router

What is the best method to connect 2 switches to 1 router when both switches run the same VLANs? Method A - Enable etherchannel on the router and connect both switches to the router. Method B -Connect the two switches together and then connect one of the switches to the router.

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Re: 2 switches and 1 router

There is another way.

which switch are you using?

You can stack both switches and connect the first one to the router.


Re: 2 switches and 1 router

You are (probably) looking for a BVI - Bridged Virtual Interface (or maybe IRB - Integrated Route/Bridging ....don't remember).

The bridged interfaces talk to each other as if connected via bridge/switch, the collective bridged interfaces talk to the other side as if it was an individual routed interface.

So, each of your switches connect to a router's ethernet, those interfaces are bridged. The Bridged ethernet interfaces talk to (for example) a serial interface as a single unit/address/broadcast domain.

Check it out

Good Luck


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Re: 2 switches and 1 router

you will have to connect both switches together some how outside of the router. if you still want to connect both switches to the router after that you may want to use a standby interface i.e. one active the other one inactive unless something happens to the primary interface the second interface will come up automaticaly when the first link goes down. What kind of router is it? is it realy a layer 3 enabled switch? if so then you can just put both connections on switch ports and then add a vlan interface?

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