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2500 series router to internet is a easy one for you guys but i dont know the answer, is there a part i can buy to take my serial0 line to rj-45 to our ISP Wireless connection, and also if i have two networks one building, i still have a AUI and S1 left over, so can i use S1 for one network and AUI for another with out problems with the performance and data.

Also in this case can i have two different DHCP servers if there on a different subnet.

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Re: 2500 series router to internet

I'm not sure if there is a part that will allow you to do this, and I'm not sure you would even want to since the speed of a serial port is limited to about 2 Mbps.

Why not buy a 2514 with two ethernet ports (or better yet a 2621 w/ two fastethernet), and use on port for the wireless, and one port for the rest of the network. How did you plan on connecting to your wireless ISP anyway? Maybe the WAP has what you need already built-in. Another solution would be a 2620 conencted to a switch, and configure the FA port as a trunk port to the switch.

As far as DHCP goes, you can use the ip helper-address command to forward DHCP broadcasts through the router to the proper segment with the DHCP servers on it.

While the 2500 is a reliable router, it can easily be overloaded. You can definitely use the remaining ports on the router if the bandwidth is not going to be excessive. And if you are using wireless it probably won't be.


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