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2501 router question


I'm doing some tests and labs on my own and I've got a single 2501 router and I wonder if there's some kind of mediaconverter or transceiver for the Serial port on the router. I wish to be able to directly connect to a CISCO 3512XL switch through the Serial-port towards the LAN and then use the Ethernet0 as the wan-interface.


Re: 2501 router question


Serial is WAN, Ethernet is LAN, Never the twain shall meet; except in a router. Maybe if you explain what your goal is someone can present a solution.

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Re: 2501 router question

Oops. Sorry, my appologize. I've only reached the second chapter of CCNA Semester 2 :)

Anyhow, my problem is that I've only got "one" 2501 router and I wish to connect it to the WAN in some way. The WAN is connected to by a rj45 link the a radio-bridge. I need to receive an IP from the radio-bridge by DCHP and then connect the local network through the router towards the radio-WAN. Is this possible?

The 2501 is equipped with the following.

One AUI (with transceiver), two Serial, one for console and one for Aux.

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Re: 2501 router question

Anyhow. What would be the most cost-effective way on connecting the radio-bridge to the router? I assume its WAN interface will be one of the SERIAL ports. But what kind of Media-converter or transceiver should I use? Or am I following the wrong track here?

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