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2524 ios

say you have 15 man sites, all talking frame over t1 circuits..

each site has a 5 year old 2524 with the original ios

if the routers are behaving, would you upgrade the ios? if so, is there a nice "how to upgrade a router ios" out there that a slow-witted child could understand?

New Member

Re: 2524 ios

Maybe...if I was worried about security I might (there have been many security vulnerabilities discovered in IOS in those 5 years). If those routers are on a private frame network I would leave them well alone, to put current IOS on them will almost certainly require a visit to each to upgrade RAM and flash and for very little gain. If I was going to visit them I'd be tempted to replace them with something more current like 1760 or 2600's.

Why upgrade if they are giving you no trouble and you don't need new features ?

New Member

Re: 2524 ios

thanks for telling me what i wanted to hear....

they are on the private side, so security ain't the critical issue it otherwise would be...

was just thinking if i juiced them up with an updated ios and a ram upgrade they'd perform better, but given their age probably a better idea to squeeze all the life out of them and then swap for newer, better?

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