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2600 connect to PBX with E1 or FXO for VoIP?

Hi All,

My company plan to use VoIP to interconnect the remote-site. The traffic will not be very high. I am thinking about to use 4 FXO ports or use E1 to connect to my PBX. I am afraid that if I use E1, the PBX is not compatable with the 2600 router. I am not an expert of PBX. I hear that PBX often use their private protocol and their is many problem in inter-operate with different PBX. So I am afraid that. Although use 4 FXO ports is enough in normal case. But I think more channels is better. So Can anybody give me some idea? Thank You!


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Re: 2600 connect to PBX with E1 or FXO for VoIP?


I see where you are coming from. FXO might be your easiest and cheapest way out, although, as you pointed out, you will be limitted as to how many calls you can pass-on simultanously. In any event, you will still need to talk to the PBX vendor/installer to get some ideas on how to set some variables on the FXO port for a simless integration, especially if you encouter some voice quality issue (most common: Echo). It would be a good idea to know the growth plan for that facility before you decide on a plan of action. the last thing you need is to go FXO now, and have to switch to T1 or E1 a couple of months down the road.


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Re: 2600 connect to PBX with E1 or FXO for VoIP?


I would probably go for the E1 solutions. You can configure how many timeslots you need for calls (in a E1 you have upto 30 timeslots).

C2600+E1 supports many signaling standards (IP Plus).

And as Eyabane told: you still must talk to the PBX people when running FXOs.

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Re: 2600 connect to PBX with E1 or FXO for VoIP?

You need to use the PBX which supports E1 or T1 line. Rest is all based on the signalling between PBX and 2600. Many PBX now a days supports all flavoures of T1 and E1 signalling. Also 2600 supports that so i don't think it should be a issue. Moreover using T1/E1 will scale the solution better for future use too.

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Re: 2600 connect to PBX with E1 or FXO for VoIP?

Hi Weiman,

If the traffic is not to high you may use FXO cards. However, there are serveral things to take in to account using FXO. Just to name a few:

* FXO to FXO port connection presents severe disconnection problems. Most PBX don't support any disconnetion programming at the extension. So I would remmend to make FXS to FXO calls. One FXS for calls and one FXO to receive on each router.

* Newer PBX's use E&M ports, not FXS/FXO ones. This ones are more capable and don't present disconnection problems.

* 2600 comes with little memory, and you will need to make an upgrade to add IOS IP Plus. You could chouse an old IOS IP Plus (with luck one or two may fit in standard memory), but may be later limited in features.

* 2600 supports high density voice ports, so you could have many more than 4 ports.

* Nortel Networks uses propietary phone ports, so you should have Nortel ATA installed in order to be able to use FXO ports.

Best Regards,

Igor Sotelo.

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