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2600 Router Serial Numbers


I need to get the CHASSIS serial number from approximately 50 remote sites, and other than going to look at the back of all the routers is there an IOS cmd to do this - I can't find one anywhere?!?!?

Cheers for someones help,

PS. "show version" only shows the processor board serial number!


Re: 2600 Router Serial Numbers

This is not possible. You will have to read it off remotely.

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Re: 2600 Router Serial Numbers

Didn't think so - it was wishful thinking !!

Re: 2600 Router Serial Numbers

A good deployment practice, would be to add the serial number in a banner command, during the configuration phase, of these remote sites.

Such as,

banner motd #


ABC Networks Inc.

123 First St,

San Francisco, CA 95219

Serial Number : JMX0636LOA1, Cisco 2620

Modem Line: xxx-xxx-xxxx



This will appear every time you log into the router remotely. This way you can pull up the serial numbers easily.

Another way to do it is to configure SNMp on the router, and configure the SNMP chassis id as the serial number of the router, (again this has to be configured, before deployment to remote sites).

snmp-server chassis-id

Once this is done, and router is deployed, you can pull the SNMP chassis-id remotely using SNMP software.

Hope this will help you in future!

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Re: 2600 Router Serial Numbers

Thats something I'll do in future as now I've got the lovely task of trying to get hold of people to read me the ID from the back of the router!!!

Thanks for the advice.

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