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2611 and multiple ip addresses

I have what is most likely a very simple question: I have a 2611 which is connected to a DSL line for which I have 3 external IP addresses. Each of these addresses will be used for a different web site on our server inside of the router. Can I use NAT to forward each external address to a specific internal address along with using them all for outgoing traffic (so people can access the web using any of those addresses)? If not, is there a way to do this on a 2611 (not xm)? We will also be adding a 2nd DSL line to use for load balancing outgoing traffic, can this be added to the above configuration without any issues?

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Re: 2611 and multiple ip addresses

The below configuartion will assist you in configuaring the NAT

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Re: 2611 and multiple ip addresses

I'm not sure if I don't have high enough privileges or what, but every time I try and access that link I get a 401 error, and I know I'm entering my username and password correctly.

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Re: 2611 and multiple ip addresses

NAT outside

public IP,

NAT inside

Your server

now, configure NAT static, like

ip nat inside source STATIC LocalIP GolbalIP

for access that link, you should have full privilege

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