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2620 low memory after IOS upgrade

We just upgraded a 2620 to 12.1.17 enterprise edition , now we are getting memory below 25% traps . Box has 48 meg of dram which is what is reccomended . Box has 1 fast ethernet interface and 4 BRI 's , this box is used strictly for dial backup and it is really not doing anything , processor always at 0% . Doing a show mem indicates that we have 7 meg out of 10 meg free . Box is running ospf . Everything is working ok except for these traps we keep getting , could reload the box but it was just upgraded yesterday and now we are seeing the memory messages . Looked for any bugs that might apply to this but did not see any , though I could have missed something . Anyone got any ides on what to look for on this ? We have used this on other boxes with approx. the same setup and we have not see the messages on those . Not sure where to go with this as everything looks normal .


Re: 2620 low memory after IOS upgrade

Do you have the same hardware configuration (48 meg ram on 2620) / software - 12.1.17 in the other routers, that you have, which are working fine ???

Try increasing the memory size for IO buffers using the command,

memory-size iomem 25 command. This command once executed needs a reload...


Re: 2620 low memory after IOS upgrade

thanks for the reply , actually I found that i needed to go the other way (set iomem to 15) and allocate more to main memory that handles the IOS and routing tables , which makes sense as the new IOS is considerably bigger than the previous image by almost 3 meg , we have talked to the engineer who is going to order additional memory . For now this seems to have quieted down the low mem alerts , thanks............

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