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2621 NM-16ESW-1GIG

I have a NM-16ESW-1GIG that I'm trying to install into a 2621XM. Thw router wouldn't recoginise the card so I called support. I was informed that I needed the IP Basic feature set of 12.3.1A instead of the IP feature set. After loading the IP Basic set I started getting imadiate CPUVector errors on bootup. I researched it and discovered that that IOS image needed 64meg of DRAM and my router only had 32meg. I bought a 64meg card and installed it. After re-loading the image I got the same results. Futher study shows that the router still only sees 32meg of DRAM as reported by meminfo. This is the case if I have 96, 64, or 32 meg installed.

Is there anything I have to do to get the router to see the aditional memory? Are CPUVector errors expected when I load and IOS image that needs more then the available DRAM?



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Re: 2621 NM-16ESW-1GIG

I understand that router can have some limitation in the amout that it can recognise the Memory. What is hard to digest is when such limitation is there, why will it allow the application compatible to be installed.

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Re: 2621 NM-16ESW-1GIG

Ask support if if the bootrom chip needs to be upgraded to recognize the additional memory.

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