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2621 router issue


I got a strange problem on cisco 2621 router,and I need to reload the router when the following message appeare:

Aug 17 13:59:54 1578: Mar 3 13:42:48: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 32768 bytes failed from 0x803B6CFC, alignment 0

Aug 17 13:59:55 1579: Pool: Processor Free: 376072 Cause: Memory fragmentation

Aug 17 13:59:55 1580: Alternate Pool: None Free: 0 Cause: No Alternate pool

Aug 17 13:59:56 1581:

Aug 17 13:59:57 1582: -Process= "IP Input", ipl= 0, pid= 28

Aug 17 13:59:57 1583: -Traceback= 803BB0D8 803BD91C 803B6D00 809571E4 8095AC20 80950CC0 8047483C 804736C0 804738A8 80473A0C 803DE5B8

I had searched CCO info about this,but it seems there has not much info .....any help will be very appreciated.

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Re: 2621 router issue

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Re: 2621 router issue

There are tracebacks - get the show version. we can put it through output interpretor.

At the moment, it looks a a bug.

BR, Winnie

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Re: 2621 router issue




%SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL (x1): Memory allocation of [dec] bytes failed from [hex], alignment


Pool: [chars] Free: [dec] Cause: [chars]

Alternate Pool: [chars] Free: [dec] Cause: [chars]

Explanation: The requested memory allocation is not available from the specified

memory pool. The current system configuration, network environment, or possibly a

software error may have exhausted or fragmented the router's memory.

Recommended Action: If you suspect a software error, copy the error message exactly

as it appears on the console or in the system log, contact your Cisco technical support

representative, and provide the representative with the gathered information.Otherwise,

you may need to add more memory or reduce the number of features you are trying

to support.

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