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2621XM WIC-2AM DDR chat-script config?

My stumbling block is the chat-script. I've read all I can find on the web on this but still am having no success, other than make a phone/fax ring (but no modem sounds).

I’d be very grateful to see someone’s working configuration. Ideally the configuration of both ends.

Using the following chat-script I get the output from debug chat as can be seen below. Not even sure I should be using a chat script with this card.

cisco-default "" "AT" TIMEOUT 30 OK "ATDT \T" TIMEOUT 30 CONNECT \c

21:34:40: CHAT4: Matched chat script cisco-default to string cisco-default

21:34:40: CHAT4: Asserting DTR

21:34:40: CHAT4: Chat script cisco-default started

21:34:40: CHAT4: Sending string: AT

21:34:40: CHAT4: Expecting string: OK

21:34:40: CHAT4: Completed match for expect: OK

21:34:40: CHAT4: Sending string: ATDT \T<5590>

21:34:40: CHAT4: Expecting string: CONNECT

21:35:10: CHAT4: Timeout expecting: CONNECT

21:35:10: CHAT4: Chat script cisco-default finished, status = Connection timed out; remote host not responding

IOS version 12.2.15T IP only (c2600-i-mz.122-15.T1.bin) 16M flash, 32M DRAM


Re: 2621XM WIC-2AM DDR chat-script config?

The Chat script looks good, it times out waiting for a CONNECT from the remote peer, try increasing the TIMEOUT to say 45 or 60...

NOTE: if you do not have a chat script configured IOS will use a default one.

The below ouput is for a successful call.


*Mar 3 17:00:28.252: CHAT65: Attempting async line dialer script

*Mar 3 17:00:28.256: CHAT65: Dialing using Modem script: Dialout

& System script: none

!--- Using chat script "Dialout".

*Mar 3 17:00:28.268: CHAT65: process started

*Mar 3 17:00:28.273: CHAT65: Asserting DTR

*Mar 3 17:00:28.273: TTY65: Set DTR to 1

*Mar 3 17:00:28.273: CHAT65: Chat script Dialout started

!--- Chat Script "Dialout" starts.

*Mar 3 17:00:28.273: CHAT65: Sending string: AT

*Mar 3 17:00:28.273: CHAT65: Expecting string: OK

*Mar 3 17:00:28.433: CHAT65: Completed match for expect: OK

*Mar 3 17:00:28.433: CHAT65: Sending string: ATDT \T<84007>

*Mar 3 17:00:28.433: CHAT65: Expecting string: CONNECT

*Mar 3 17:00:42.560: CHAT65: Completed match for expect: CONNECT

*Mar 3 17:00:42.560: CHAT65: Sending string: \c

*Mar 3 17:00:42.560: CHAT65: Chat script

Dialout finished, status = Success

Try a call by reverse telnetting into the modem & see if it connects.

Thanks, Mak.

Cisco Employee

Re: 2621XM WIC-2AM DDR chat-script config?

As chat-script points, "Timeout expecting: CONNECT" Means the modem layer is not getting CONNECT. So we need to know when this modem dials 5590, does 5590 rings? Does it pickup the call?

You can use a analog telephone at 5590 and see if you get a ring. Pickup that phone when it rings and see if you heare the modem sound.

Try to increase the timeout to 60 secs using,

cisco-default "" "AT" TIMEOUT 30 OK "ATDT \T" TIMEOUT 60 CONNECT \c

OR try to do the reverset telnet to that modem and dialout 5590 using ATDT5590 and see if you get connect.

If no luck, looks to me the issue with the WIC-2AM itself.

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