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2900 LRE Configured vs Running Profiles

Can someone explain the difference between configured and running profiles and how do I get a port to run the profile that is configured. I have 2 ports configured as a point to point for a company and both ports are configured with LRE-10 profile, however one is running LRE-7 and the other is running LRE-15-5. I tried to lower the configured profile and reboot the LRE CPE and in came back online with LRE-5 as configured and LRE-15-5 as running.

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Re: 2900 LRE Configured vs Running Profiles


usually, when you assign a profile to a switch LRE port, the port immediately resets and uses the newly assigned profile, so there should not be a difference between the configured and the running profiles. Possibly, one (or both) of your switches have public profiles configured - if a public profile is configured on the switch and you want the switch LRE ports to use private profiles, you must first disable the public profile by using the

no lre profile SS

configuration command.



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Re: 2900 LRE Configured vs Running Profiles

That command wasn't available, but I will try the no lre profile global command. When this is done what happens to the ports? Do the lre's download the private profile from the switch immediately and/or then will the private confirgured profile take effect?

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Re: 2900 LRE Configured vs Running Profiles

sh controller lre prof det says Public Profile:N/A

Why might I have one port that still says Running LRE 15-5 and LRE 7. I thought these were Public Profiles and I already disabled them with no lre profile global. Do I need to have the customer restart the lre end points?

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