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2924XL port LED Amber

I have a 2924XL problem, 5 of the port LED is AMBER (forever even if I remove the cable and the port is not working anymore) and the system LED is also AMBER. Is this a sign of hardware failure?

I did the following troubleshooting;

1. shut/unshut

2. duplex-full/speed-100

3. spanning-tree

4. upgrade the ios

5. hard reboot

all doesn't solve the problem. Any help?

New Member

Re: 2924XL port LED Amber

See how system is booting by connecting console cable.Check whether POST is can use show post command for this

Re: 2924XL port LED Amber

I have a second switch (2924XL) in a remote site and one port is behaving the same. I reboot the switch and did "sh post" the result is "POST FAILED: FastEthernet0/19" I've check the cisco web site and found that this is hardware failure. I execute the same command in the original problem switch without rebooting it because its on production, and have the following results;

FastEthernet0/9 failed front-end loopback test

FastEthernet0/10 failed front-end loopback test

FastEthernet0/11 failed front-end loopback test

FastEthernet0/12 failed front-end loopback test

FastEthernet0/20 failed front-end loopback test

I guess I need to send it for RMA. Forgot to say that I did check the log and there is nothing there but "up/down interface".

Thanks a lot!


Re: 2924XL port LED Amber

Log into the switch and check the logs usually it will give you some indication if something is wrong .

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Re: 2924XL port LED Amber

Please keep in mind when you restart the switch the logs are wiped.

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