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2948 G-L3 switch

I want to implement a following setup in our Organization. I have one

2948 G-L3 switch and one 1750 router.

Each Fast Ethernet interface of 2948 switch is assigned to a

different IP subnet using a 30-bit subnet mask. To each port one

server is connected. For example, Server #1 connected to fast

ethernet interface 1 with server IP address of and

fast ethernet interface 1 ip address of Server #2

connected to fa 2 with server IP address of and fast

ethernet inetrface IP address of Like this I want to

connect 10 servers to my switch.

Then I want to connect one of the spare fast ethernet interface of

the switch (say fa 40) to the fast ethernet interface of router 1750

with suitable cable, as I can not use the Gigabit interface of 2948

because other side I don't have Gigabit connectivity. Then 1750

router is connected to our branch office thro' leased lines.

I want the branch office to access my servers thro' the serial line

of 1750, then thro the fast ethernet interface of 1750 connected to

fa 40 of the switch.My router configuration is ok. When I configure

my switch, the interfaces (fa40 of the switch and fa0 of the router)

do not come up.

In short, how to enable the fast ethernet interface of the switch for

the routing function?

Can any one help me in this regard. I would appreciate your valuable


Advance Thanks




Re: 2948 G-L3 switch

Are you using a crossover cable?

The 2948G-L3 is just a 48 port router basically. Put the Fa 40 in the same subnet as the 1750 fast ethernet interface. Same config as the server ports will work - just use different subnet.

You'll also need static routes or a routing protocol running between the 2948G-L3 and 1750, and remote sites so you have full connectivity.

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Re: 2948 G-L3 switch

Thanks for ur reply.

yes, ebergguist, because both are DTEs , I have used crossover cable to connect fa 40 of the switch to the fa0 of the router.

I have assigned ip address and for fa40 and fa0 respectively.

I am yet to assign the routing. But my query is, atleast the interfaces fa40 and fa0 should come up, right, once I have assigned the ip address and enabled the interfaces by giving "no shut".



Re: 2948 G-L3 switch

Did you use crossover cables to each of the servers? If not, then don't for the connection to the router - the Servers & Router are DTE's (if you like) and the Switch is a DCE, therfore use straight cables, you should only need to use a cross-over if you are connecting to another ethernet switch or hub.


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Re: 2948 G-L3 switch

Check whether the cross cable u r using in working fine.

Then try to use some other port on switch to connect to router, in case the port may have gone wrong. Also try connecting the switch to another router if u have and see whether it comes up.

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Re: 2948 G-L3 switch

Also check the speed and duplex settings on switch and router. Better force them to 100 Mbps and full duplex.

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