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2950,2900 and 3500 switch problem


need help to configure correct trunk on the above switch.

2950 and 3500 is connected thru 1000Base SX fiber (int giga0/1 on both) and 3500 and 2900 is connected thru cross cat5 cable (fast eth port 12 respectively). 3640 router ethernet port is connected to 3500 switch.(port fast ethe0/1)

My question is, in inplementing VLAN, What shoud be the correct configuration on the following port.

on 2950 and 3500 both Giga0/1 should be (switch mode trunk)

on 2900 and 3500 both fastethernet0/1 should be (switch mode trunk)

If I do this I could not ping the 3 switches...

Need help.. Pls



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Re: 2950,2900 and 3500 switch problem


configuring the gigabit and FastEthernet ports as trunks looks ok, just make sure that all devices have their management IP addresses in the same VLAN, and that this VLAN is allowed on all trunks. Can you post the configs of the devices ?



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Re: 2950,2900 and 3500 switch problem

1.Wether the switch port connected to router is in the same access VLAN as management VLAN of all the switches ?

If so, by default all VLANs are exported on a trunk port. So there should not be any issue if the router Ethernet port and switch management Ip address are in the same layer 3 subnet.

I have some queries here-:-

1.Do you require inter VLAN routing here ?

2.Which L3 device you are using for this purpose?

3.If you are using the router (3640)for Inter VLAN routing, you need to enable trunk on the 3500 Fa0/1 and 3640 router also.

Where as I am not sure, if the IOS running on your router supports trunking on Ethernet port (Else you require Fast Ethernet)

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