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2950 - and - 2900XL ?

I'm having a heck of a time with a few lab setups and I've noticed the labs I have with 2950's running 12.1(12c)ea1 on all the switches seems to run better than the mixes of 12.1(13)ea1 / 12.1(12c)ea1's together. Should I update to the latest 12.1.(20) on all of them or downgrad the 13's to 12 as my other setups. I also seem to be having probs with 2 schools that have a 2900XL's in the mix (at the MDF) and I've updated it with the last IOS released with it.

In the past I noticed that if using say IOS 12.1(6) and 12.1(12) etc together I had to FORCE the speed and duplex for it to work worth a crap...with the same IOS's together I have to let it AUTO or it runs like crap. So now I'm wondering is there something special that has to be done between the 2950's that are hooked to the 2900XL's ?

I'm only running a few changes to the main config.

no cdp run (global)

switchport mode access (on the crossovers)

no spanning-tree vlan 1 (only 1 vlan)

and all the fiber x-overs are left to auto etc.

It almost seems like I'm getting dropped packets which is causing the apps to error.

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Re: 2950 - and - 2900XL ?


The only thing witch could run better or worse concerning your issues is the negotiation process witch in my oppinion should never be used on inter switch link's as we will allways know its optimium setting.

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