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2950 fails boot system flash:

Hi all,

I am new to the cisco family, and am presently attending the 3rd semester of Net Academy, so apologies for perceived ignorance. Last night working on Chapter 6 Switch Config, I attempted to boot to a second OS in flash that happens to be of a newer version than the one running on the labs 2950.

the running os was:c2950-3ch2s-mz.120-5.3.wc.1.bin

I change the boot parameters to point to the other file as such...

boot system flash:c2950-[1]6q412-mz.121-19.ea1.bin

Here is the problem, as I have id'd [1] should have been an 'i'. As a consequence the boot process FAILS!!! CAN'T find the file "DUH" schmuck me!!. The process halts with 'switch:'

I have attempted numerous ways to rectify this problem, BUT to no avail.

Dir flash: reveals that both os are still present....

thanks in advance for any hints on how to restore would be most welcomed... and this schmuck can save a little face..



Re: 2950 fails boot system flash:

What I beleive the bootflash command is not matching w/ the image in your flash. Could you please provide the flash dir by "sh flash) and the config. by "sh run" ?

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Re: 2950 fails boot system flash:

Hi jack,

thanks for replying.

You are correct in your assumption. I also has a feeling that IT was the case. As class time was running out, I had I could not follow up an discover the correct syntax.

But this morning, I read through the 2950 'boot command' prompt docs and figured out my mistake-forward slash missing /

I went to school and input this:

boot flash:/c2950-[i]6q4[l]2-mz.121-19.EA1.bin

problem solved!!!!

Another little known mistake, which I discovered form reading another post in this forum, was the mistaken identity of 1 for what is actually a lower case 'L'. See brackets....

The best thing about my screw up, I did not ERASE anything and therefore recoverable..

Thanks again for your concern.



Re: 2950 fails boot system flash:

You're welcome. It is great to solve the problem so soon.

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Re: 2950 fails boot system flash:

Thankfully it was a 'simple' problem that did NOY affect 'production'. no foul..

thanks again for even entertaining my simple problem.....

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