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2950 mac address table

I am wondering if any one has seen this problem before. We have 2950s that users are reporting of being droped. When investigationing they are still connected to the switch and they are in the the right vlan. But for some reason there mac address disappear for the mac-address table. To resolve the issue the user needs to break the link either by unpluging the cable or rebooting their machine. In a test we added one of the mac to the table staticaly and the machine worked right away. We have seen this on both ports that are both dynamic vlans or static vlans. We have also seen it on the latest IOS and on older ones.

Cisco Employee

Re: 2950 mac address table

Did you try with 12.1.11.EA1? If not, I suggest that you try with this IOS

Community Member

Re: 2950 mac address table

Yes we did try that IOS. I have notice after looking at the switch in more detail after a drop that the entire mac address table get wipe out and local users have to break there connection to get back in the mac table.

Community Member

Re: 2950 mac address table

Dear Zachary,

We are experiencing the same problems like yours. We are using a cat6500 in the backbone combined with 2950's is stacks of 4 switches. Those stacks are connected with the cat6500 by 2 GE links (spanning tree). The end-user ports have a vlan assigned by VMPS.

Do you already have a solution for the address drop problem. As you know

this is a very impalpable problem because of it's randomly occurrence.

Alexander van den Hil

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.


Re: 2950 mac address table

Please open up the tac case for further investigation--

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