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2950 to 2950 With Slow Transfers!! HELP!

Here is a question. When connecting 2 cisco switches

either by the Fiber GBIC port or with a crossover

cable is there a setting on either port which would

cause a slow transmit?? (Considering these are

pretty much straight out of the box).

I have an issue where network speed varies greatly

(slower) when going from a 2950 to another 2950.

For example:

USER----->HP Switch---->Cisco 2950 with storage server plugged into it= fast transfer.

USER----->Generic Switch---->Cisco 2950 with disk

storage drive plugged into it= fast transfer.

USER----->Cisco 29050---->Cisco 2950 with disk storage drive plugged into it= extremely slow transfer.

I have been having network issues with servers timing

out because of slow transfer. I can tell the transfer

performance by copying a large file from the user PC

to the disk storage server. It seems like if I go from the user PC to any switch to the cisco which has the storage drive connected to it all works great but as soon as I make that first switch another Cisco it's slow as dog doo.

I have checked all the port settings and logs and show no errors, dropped packets, or anything. I have tried switch to switch with crossover cables or gbic fiber to gbic fiber as well.

SO BASICALLY, if I plug a pc into a 2950 which is hooked into a second 2950 which has another PC on it and copy a large file it takes about 20 minutes. If I replace the first 2950 with a generic switch or an HP switch, the transfer takes less than a minute.

Any ideas?

New Member

Re: 2950 to 2950 With Slow Transfers!! HELP!

Are you setting up the ports connecting the two 2950 as trunks?

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