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2950 upgraded to 12.1(13)ea1b won't see Transition Networks rack

Hi, following an IOS u/g the ports connected to a TN 12-port 10BaseT to 10BaseFL rack show "not connected" (other link ports ok). I have replaced 2950 with an older one to restore service and all ok again :-( I had config'd the ports to 10M 1/2dx etc to no avail. Port security is not set. Any ideas, pls?

Regards, Andy.


Re: 2950 upgraded to 12.1(13)ea1b won't see Transition Networks

Are you getting a link LED on the switch port that connects to the media converter? Are you getting signal detected on the copper port of the media converter?

Not sure if the 10BaseT-to-10BaseFL converters have an autodetect feature for MDI/MDIX, or if you can manually set the port for MDI or MDIX operation. (Transition Networks 100BaseT-to-100BaseFX media converters can do this.) This determines whether you use patch cables with straight-through pinout versus Ethernet cross-over.

What kind of patch cables do you have between the switch and the media converter -- straight-through or Ethernet cross-over?

Not sure if the 2950 can auto-MDI/MDIX its switch ports; I'll check into this, and whether that would be a complicating factor. (I know some 3Com switches that can.)

Double-check the switch port settings on the switch you pulled out after the upgrade, to confirm that none of the switch ports shows "speed auto" or "duplex auto". Make your "speed 10" and match the duplex at both ends of the connection, to either "duplex half" or "duplex full".

Do you have a model number of part number for the Transition rack? Is it a fixed-configuration unit, or one of the rack shelves that lets you slide in up to 12 of the stand-alone media converters?

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Re: 2950 upgraded to 12.1(13)ea1b won't see Transition Networks

Hi Larry; the rack is E-TBT-FRL-1200 fixed-config, showing no UTP link lights (light through FO from distant end OK). 2950 port LED's are amber. Cables 'twixt switch & rack are straight-through; the TN rack will auto-cross however, the 2950 won't. TN also has "LinkAlert" for upstream fault pass-through, which I've disabled to no avail. The 2950 is now back from site, so I'll double-check settings.

Regards, Andy.

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