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2950 vtp problem -

This customer has about 60 vlans. He has a 6500 at the core and 2950's

in the closets. There is one gigabit fiber from each 2950 back to the

core. The problem is that they are getting a nvram error on the

closset switches - I know I could fix this be a software update but

... what I wanted to do was limit the vtp database on the 2950s

(setup as vtp clients). First I just trunked (802.1q) the vlans that

were needed on the core so that no unnessessay traffic would be sent

down the uplinks. Fair enough, but I still had 60 vlans listed in the

vlan database in the closet switches. I also tried pruning --- end

of the day I still had these damn 60 vlans listed on the 2950. The

only solution I could come upwith was to put the 2950's into

transparent mode and do all the vlan configuration manually. Which

solved the problem. Question is : how can you selectivly send vtp info

- for example one 2950 switch would have the 5 vlans that it needs in

its vtp database and another would have the 10 that it needs and so on


also how can you easly clear the vlan database on the 2950 - that reset under vlan database doesn't seem to do it ..

Thanks in advance


Cisco Employee

Re: 2950 vtp problem -

If the 2950's are in VTP client mode, the VLAN database will still have all the VLANs configured in the VTP server. VTP pruning will only not foward uneccessary VLAN traffic(It'll block in Spanning-tree). You need to use transparent mode if you do not want the VLANs in the vlan database as you have already figured out. To clear the vlan database in a 2950, delete the VLAN.dat file and reload

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