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3500 inaccessable management interface

The management interface on a 3500 is inaccessable. The native vlan is the same as other devices on network. The ability to console is ok, but can not telnet to or from this device. The device appears to be operating properly otherwise. All user traffic is ok, only a switch management issue.


Re: 3500 inaccessable management interface

If this is a 3500 XL, only one VLAN interface for mgmt can be active. The interface VLAN# has to match the vlan # the devices are in or there has to be a router somewhere to get to it and default-gateway/route set properly on 3500XL.

If it's a 3550 w/EMI software then make sure 'ip routing' is enabled globally if users aren't in the same VLAN.

Can you briefly describe your network, is it one subnet or routed? Getting to this switch through other switches w/trunks, etc?

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Re: 3500 inaccessable management interface

The network has many remote sites, obviously each a different network. The LAN is also subnetted w/ A Sup. III module doing the routing. The issue is on the 3500XL, which is on the LAN, and it is trunked.

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