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3500XL date & time settings

I have several 3524XL switches that I am having trouble getting the date and time to save. I use the CLI with the 'clock' command (ie, 'clock set 13:30:00 Dec 12 2001'). Do I need a time zone reference in there somewhere? When I do a "sh clock" the time and date are correct but if the switch goes through a power cycle, the time and date revert back to a default setting that has a date of 1993. This happens even if I have done a 'wr mem' before the power cycle. What am I missing in my CLI entries to make it save this date and time?


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Re: 3500XL date & time settings


On any IOS device router or switch it looses time and date on power-cycle. That's why you better make use of a NTP server that will distribute the correct time to all devices that support NTP.

With this you can collect the right time from the Internet or from an atom clock.

Regards, Maarten.

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Re: 3500XL date & time settings

Only the 7000 or greater routers retain the clock over a power cycle. Consider letting NTP thru your firewall and having the network provide clock.

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Re: 3500XL date & time settings

Thanks for the advice everyone, I did not realize that it was normal when not using NTP.

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