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3500XL management hangs

3500XL management hangs. The management interface VLAN shows as up and spanning tree checks out ok, but the affected switches can't ping anything - even a directly connected laptop (plugged into one of the fast ethernet ports configured to access the management vlan. Only a reload solves the problem.

Has anyone seen this issue, is there a workaround?


Re: 3500XL management hangs

Hi Andrew,

I have experienced this issue and it resulted in a bug where switch is up and running fine and keep passing the data but looses the ip management.

CSCdx26212 the problem was solved in IOS version 12.1(9)EA1c, 12.1(9)EA1d, 12.1(9)EA01d, 12.1(11)EA01

Which version of code you are running?

Check this bug details in bug tool kit

Hope that helps - pls rate the post if it does.


New Member

Re: 3500XL management hangs

Thanks for the reply. The switches are on an earlier version of code, supposedly not affected by that bug, however I am going to suggest an upgrade as there are fixes for quite a few bugs in the later code.

Re: 3500XL management hangs

When you say that it works after a reload, the problem might be related to port security. Hard to say without any config info.

Are you waiting long enough? Without spanning-tree portfast it takes half a minute before you can send anything on the network.

Otherwise you should be certain that you are running a stable IOS image. This is a good idea anyway but you probably would have guessed that one yourself.;-)



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