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3524 web management username?

Hi guys, its probably really obvious, but what is the default username for the java user/pass popup that you see when trying to manage a 3524XL through its web based interface.

I cant for the life of me find any documentation or anything on it anywhere, but as i say, im probably just missing it :)

Also how can you change the username?

Thanks, Daniel Ferguson

New Member

Re: 3524 web management username?


The Username is not used at all in this case, just enter the enable password into the password field and hit OK. The window you see is just the standard user/password pop-up they use to get you to enter the password.

Regards, Maarten Sjouw.

New Member

Re: 3524 web management username?

Ive tried it with a blank username, it gets me passed the first web server based password dialog, but the java one just keeps rejecting it. I press enter, the java box goes away and comes back wanting a username and password again.

Im running ios 12.0(5.4)WC(1) if that helps.


New Member

Re: 3524 web management username?


You can expect the java also to ask once (with one switch) but then it should be quiet, if it is not and after about 50 times entering the enable password you will get something on screen, just get the latest 1.4 version of jre from Sun.

Regards, Maarten.

New Member

Re: 3524 web management username?

ah ha!

im running version 1.3

Thanks for you help


New Member

Re: 3524 web management username?

Hi daniel..

First of all do one thing..

1)Remove your java plugin from add remove programs.

2)Download java 1.3.0 remember only 1.3.0 not later than that as there is a bug in VSM .The location is



Java Plugin Ver 1.3.0 for windows 1.3.0 10-APR-2001 5088456 .

4)Install this java plugin.

5)Connect your browser and when you get VSM window for authentication put username nothing and password as enable secret.

5)Now if you want to enable username and password authenticaion

do these commands on ur switch

sw(conf)#username test privilege 15 password test

sw(conf)#Ip http authentication local

now connect to ur switch ,put username test and password test and offu go.

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