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3524 XL Port Problems

After POST, system seems fine...No error messages. Plug into any 10/100 port, shows an amber link.....All ports are enabled via no shut. Interface shutdown kills the link as expected. No shut will then not work and cannot enable ports by any means. This device was working fine for 18 months before problems occurred. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Re: 3524 XL Port Problems

What VLAN are the ports in? Check whether the VLAN exists or has been deleted, if the VLAN has been deleted and the ports are still configured to be in it (switchport access vlan x), then they will be status 'inactive' and the LED's will go amber.

Quite common with a VTP-enabled network and VLAN's being deleted.

Community Member

Re: 3524 XL Port Problems

For some reason, this switch which is in client state, lost all of the vlans (59) in the vtp domain. After I did a reset of vlan.dat, they magically reappeared. Not sure why they were lost to begin with. Thanks for giving my brain a kick and a look in the right direction.

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