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3524XL-12.0(5)WC5 "no spanning-tree vlan 650"

I have a stack of 7 3524XL's and 3 of the 7 cannot get the command "no spanning-tree vlan 650" to go away. I need to enable spanning-tree for this vlan but the switch will not allow me to. All switches are configured identically and are all VTP clients, showing all the same vlan information. 95% of all the ports are live. Any ideas???

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Re: 3524XL-12.0(5)WC5 "no spanning-tree vlan 650"

FYI, the command "spanning-tree vlan 650" doesn't work. :)


Cisco Employee

Re: 3524XL-12.0(5)WC5 "no spanning-tree vlan 650"

How many VLANs and Spanning tree instances do you have in your switches. All Catalyst 3500 series XL and most Catalyst 2900 series XL switches support a total of 250 VLANs and 64 spanning-tree instances. Try pruning off some unwanted VLANs if you need to enable spanning tree for VLAN 650

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Re: 3524XL-12.0(5)WC5 "no spanning-tree vlan 650"

That's exactly our problem. But, we need the VLANs in other parts of our network. There is no way we can delete any vlans.

When you say pruning do you mean VTP pruning off the trunk or deleting vlans completely. Even if we enable VTP pruning(for the trunk) won't the VLAN database still propagate to the vtp clients? This database is what kiling our 3524's by draining our spanning tree instances.

I only have 4 active vlans on these switches but because the vlan database being propagated by the VTP server contains 78 vlans, the vtp client (3524) is forced to use a spanning tree instance for each vlan(remember its not running spanning tree for the networkon these non-active vlans, but still takes up an STP instanace), thereby using up all 64 instances.

The only way I see around this is to configure the 3524s as transparent or create to new vtp domain for our 3524s. This would reduce the number of vlans by 3/4.

I attempted to remove a spanning tree instance from the 3524 for a non-active vlan and then add the vlan I needed spanning tree to run and it worked. But this solution is unreliable at best. If the any PVST decides to reconverge then I have to perform this manual function again. Also is the switch is reset my changes are nullified.

Thanks for your help. Additional comments are welcome.

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