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3550-24 PWR and RPS 300

We have a 3550-24 PWR and also RPS300 for redundant power. My question is when I unplugged the regular power of the 3550 the RPS takes over but when I plug the regular power back in the RPS is still the one that is powering the 3550. How do I make it revert back to its own power supply.

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Re: 3550-24 PWR and RPS 300


Look here


We have already meet this inconvenience at customer sites but i don't remind the url whose explain that :

" How work RPS 300 ?"

When the alimentation of the switch fail, the RPS takes over as You say.

To make it revert back to its own power supply : You have to reboot catalyst switch.

Even see the RPS like an add power and not like a UPS.

Because RPS works when the power switch is broken so You have to replace the failed switch.


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Re: 3550-24 PWR and RPS 300


I agree on the behaviour, but it very strange. In a scenario where the switch internal ps don't fail, but the power disappear from the switch and then comes back. Then you don't have any redundance to other switches/units before you reboot the switch!! Strange construction.

As you perhaps know, the doc. for the 3550 is wrong regarding the LEDs:

flashing green: internal ps failure.

flashing amber: rps unavailable.

By the way,

Do you know if the switches connected to rps 300 will send any snmp trap when a failure occur? There is nothing in the log.

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Re: 3550-24 PWR and RPS 300

Exactly I agree with You to say that it's a strange construction.

But, I think that the led works.

For your last question,

When we look this url

"When a failure is detected, the Cisco RPS 300 sends status information showing that the other connected devices will not be supported until the failed device is restored or replaced. This status information can be monitored through CiscoWorks and the Cisco Cluster Management Suite (CMS) Software that provides Web-based network management."

But there is no alarm (Neither Syslog neither SNMP traps) generated by the 2950 in order to indicate that the 2950 is functionning with the RPS.

So ...

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Re: 3550-24 PWR and RPS 300

Yes the leds work. The leds at the 300 was correct according to the doc. When a failure occur at one switch, the switch rps led flashed green. Another switch flashed amber. When looking in the 3550 hw manual, the discription is opposite.

No alarm - nice to know (still strange construction)

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Re: 3550-24 PWR and RPS 300

I agree this is strange construction. I can only think that the engineers were thingking that if a power failure occurs you have to replace the switch hence you can't revert it back to it's own power supply.

Interesting isn't it.

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