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3550 switches - STP or HSRP ?


My network consist of the following components :

- 4 3550-48 switches where all workstations reside on.

- GBIC links between the 4 switches (daisy-chained)

- GBIC link to 2 other switches where my servers reside.

- Servers all use 2 NIC's wich are teamed to provide fault tolerance.

The workstations are in a different ip-segment than the servers, so both of the switches uplinked to the switches where the servers reside must be able to route traffic fault-tolerant.

Reading all of the documentation, i understand i need to be able to use STP or HSRP on these 2 switches to be able to create fault-tolerance to the 2 other switches...

To be able to use STP, i need to configure a VLAN on the switches.

To be able to configure this vlan i understand i need to stack the switches so they will be able to understand that the vlan exists on both switches and routes to the same ip-segment.

To "stack" the 4 switches i am able to purchase 4 GigaStack modules, but will i be able to "stack" the switches together to address and configure them as 1 device ?

see attached file for network schematic

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Re: 3550 switches - STP or HSRP ?

Yes, you can configure STP or HSRP for the scenario mentioned. Check the following link for more information on configuring HSRP :

and configuring STP :

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