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3550 versus 3750

Hi All,

I have been briefly looking into prices on switches that can provide 1000BaseT connectivity. From the looks of things a 3750G-24TS-S (24 ports 1000T) is a lot cheaper than a 3550-12T (10 ports 1000T).

If this is the case I am not sure why we would buy a 3550 over a 3750. Can anyone tell me the advantages of the 3550 model over the newer 3750s?

Thanks, Chris

Community Member

Re: 3550 versus 3750

If the pricing is right (i.e. 3750 is cheaper than the 3550), you would be crazy not to go with the 3750.

The general situation (24 port and 48 port units) is that the 3550 is cheaper than the 3750. You would chose the 3750 if you wanted to take advantage of the new features it brings along (stacking, IPv6 in hardware, jumbo frames, etc).

One thing worth noting is that the 3550-12T will come with an EMI image (the only option), whereas the 3750 you mention comes with an SMI image. If you need full routing, you will need to swap the last 'S' of the part number for an 'E'. The EMI will be more expensive than the SMI.


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Re: 3550 versus 3750

Thanks Scott, we only need layer 2 in this instance so 3750 definitely sounds the way to go.

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