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3560 switch


I would like to use a new 3560 switch & i do want it to perform purely as layer 2, also I need to enable spantree per vlan spantree for the vlans besides configuring Qos for the vlans.

Is there any thing i should do before connect it to my Network?

How would I apply Qos on the mentioned switch?

Do I have to configure some thing specific to enable PVST+ ?

I appreciate ur feedback,



Re: 3560 switch

Hi Friend,

Cisco switches bydefaut run PVST+ so you need not configure anything to enable PVST+. But 3560 switch PVST+ mode, supports up to 128 spanning-tree instances.

To make it pure layer 2 you can ensure "ip routing" is disable at global config mode.It is disbaled by default but you can just double check it.

To configure QOS you can have a look at this link

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Re: 3560 switch

Hi Friend,

Only thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is if you are putting this as a complete new switch in your network make sure of your VTP config in your network.

By default new siwtches are in VTP server mode and with no domain name and password. I will recommend you to configure it into VTP tranasparent mode and then put it into your network to be on safer side.

Have a look at this link to disable VTP or put it into VTP transparent mode.

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Re: 3560 switch

Hi Ankur,

Thanks for your input, but I've one point still missing.

the Qos link u sent it to me is specificly applicable if u have VOIP or Cisco IP Phones, Actually I need to know the possibility of shaping bandwidth for several Vlans traffic, example:-

I have vlans ( 2,3,4,5.......999 ), I need to set traffic for vlan 2 gets 512kb and traffic sets for vlan 4 gets 256kb.

Is there any way to shape and configure bandwidth for layer 2 severeal private vlans, As I have 3 backbone Switches performing purely as layer 2 and users connected on the 3rd swith needs to access specific users connected to 2nd Switch, and that is not an issue, The issue is I need specific vlans to get specific bandwidth in all Switches.

Any Ideas,

Thanks for ur help,


Re: 3560 switch

Hi Friend,

AFAIK you can implement rate limiting which gives control over the amount of bandwidth across any configured interface, for appropriate distribution of available bandwidth.

Check this link, it is not exactly what you want but something related



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