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3640 connection dropped

I have a number of remote sites connecting to the central sites 3640 over kilostream. occassionally the remote sites will lose connection to the 3640 although the central site is able to ping the remote sites I have checked all the interfaces and there are no errors reported. I then have to reload the 3640 which clears the fault.

On the 3640 we have ip and ipx running with release 12-12a. The remote sites also have ip and ipx running. what could be the cause of this and how can i rectify it. Thanks

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Re: 3640 connection dropped


sorry but there are to less informations:

What Layer 2 Protocol do you use (HDLC, PPP)?

Do you lose IP and IPX connection or only one ?

Do you use a routing protocol.? If yes, which one (IGRP etc.)?

Can you reach the router locally during the outage?

Answers to these questions will eventually point in the direction of the problem.

regards Ulrich Marzoli

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Re: 3640 connection dropped


ok layer 2 protocols are HLDC

We lose both IP and IPX

routing protocols are RIP for IPX and EIGRP for IP

yes we are able to connect to router locally . Also central site is able to ping remote routers


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Re: 3640 connection dropped


sorry that I hadn't replied earlier but I've a lot of work to do.

Ok, what you can do to come closer to the problem. During the outage check

if the central and the remote router knows both routes (destination and source network). Do a traceroute to locate between which points the problem

exists. For IP check if the router are knows eachother as EIGRP neighbors during the outage. Check also if the host in the LANs are reachable from

the local routers (probably problems with ARP). However, if you can not find

the source of the problem, you can upgrade the IOS of the 3640 to exclude

IOS problems. We use in the moment 12.2 (7c). If nothing helps you should use protocol analyser on both sites (LAN and WAN) to check which device

is causing the problem.

kind regards Ulrich Marzoli

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