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3640 E1 IMA problem

Please help. I cannot get IMA group up.

This is result of sh ima int

Interface ATM2/IMA1 is down

Group index is 1

failure status is blockedNe

Active links bitmap 0x0

IMA Group Current Configuration:

Tx/Rx configured links bitmap 0x1E/0x1E

Tx/Rx minimum required links 1/1

Maximum allowed diff delay is 25ms, Tx frame length 128

Ne Tx clock mode ITC

Test pattern procedure is disabled

IMA Group Current Counters (time elapsed 0 seconds):

-1 Ne Failures, 1629593548 Fe Failures, 0 Unavail Secs

IMA Group Total Counters (last 0 15 minute intervals):

-1 Ne Failures, 1629593548 Fe Failures, 0 Unavail Secs

IMA link Information:

Link Physical Status NearEnd Rx Status Test Status

---- --------------- ----------------- -----------

ATM2/1 down notInGroup disabled

ATM2/2 down notInGroup disabled

ATM2/3 down notInGroup disabled

ATM2/4 down notInGroup disabled

- if i delete IMA group then member fhisical interfaces are up

- in logs ther is

IMA reset group ATM2/IMA1

IMA: IMA interface is still waiting for a free channel.

every 10 minutes. I do not have live PVC channels in that group. Is this a problem maybe. Shouldnt't IMA group be up withoput any PVC

Thanks a lot

Community Member

Re: 3640 E1 IMA problem

Well I've solve it. I've had ATM2/0 interface outside group and enabled, than I've had ATM2/1-4 in IMA group with problems, and ATM2/5-7 interfaces ALSO ALIVE. In one document I've found that NM-8E1-IMA on 3640 supports only four IMA groups and that unassigned ATM channel ocupies one IMA group so basically I was left with no available IMA groups.

After shutting down of ATM2/5-7, IMA group came up.

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