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3660 router fiber module question

I've got a Cisco 3661 router running with 2 slots occupied by two 4 ports WIC card (4MT). We also have three fiber links all connected to a 2924 Cisco fiber switch. We are thinking of removing the switch and connect the fiber connection to the routers.

What I know from the manual is that NM-1FE-FX module (one fiber port) is the only available module for my option. I ve got 4 more empty slots left on this router. Since I got 3 fiber links, that will mean I will have to buy 3 modules to cater for that. That will mean I will be left only with one slot.

Is there a module that I can buy that have 3 or 4 FX port in one ?

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Re: 3660 router fiber module question

Not that I know of. I was thinking of another solution involving a multi-port FE module (RJ-45) with media converters, but I don't see any multi-port FE modules in the cisco price list. You could buy a NM-1FE-FX module and a switch which has FX ports on it. That should accomplish the same goal while allowing greater flexibility.

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Re: 3660 router fiber module question

Thanks for the confirmation. I think I will go for the option of NM-2FE2W and use media converters.

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