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New Member

3662; vofr, T1, dial = "no resource avaialable"

have a 3663 (co), that goes to (36) stores, we have 1760-V in each location, one location has been up and running for over (1) year... all of a sudden we can not use (4) digit; inter-corporate dialing.. fast busy after dialing (4) digit extension... same at location or from the (co)...

3662_HQ#sh interface Serial1/0.25

Serial1/0.25 is up, line protocol is up

Hardware is DSCC4 with integrated T1 CSU/DSU

Internet address is x.0.x.1/30

MTU 1500 bytes, BW 2048 Kbit, DLY 20000 usec,

reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

Encapsulation FRAME-RELAY

error from 3662:

3662_HQ#sh dial-peer voice 26


information type = voice,

tag = 26, destination-pattern = `7069',

answer-address = `', preference=0,

numbering Type = `unknown'

group = 26, Admin state is up, Operation state is up,

incoming called-number = `', connections/maximum = 0/unlimited,

DTMF Relay = disabled,

modem passthrough = system,

huntstop = disabled,

in bound application associated: DEFAULT

out bound application associated:

permission :both

incoming COR list:maximum capability

outgoing COR list:minimum requirement

type = vofr, session-target = `Serial1/0 69',

called number = `',

session-protocol = cisco-switched,

fax-rate = voice, payload size = 30 bytes

fax NSF = 0xAD0051 (default)

codec = g729r8, payload size = 30 bytes,

signaling-type = cas,

VAD = enabled,

Voice Sequence Numbers = disabled,

voice class perm tag = `'

Connect Time = 18025910, Charged Units = 0,

Successful Calls = 1321, Failed Calls = 460, Incomplete Calls = 6

Accepted Calls = 0, Refused Calls = 0,

Last Disconnect Cause is "2F ",

Last Disconnect Text is "no resource.",

Last Setup Time = 1388667801.

any ideas where to look? have had at&t test circuit, all good, we can transmit data fine, just not voice?


VIP Purple

Re: 3662; vofr, T1, dial = "no resource avaialable"

Hello Al,

this is what the Output Interpreter says, you might want to try and enable DTMF-RELAY on your dial peer and see if that changes anything:

'dtmf-relay' is disabled on this dial-peer. When dtmf-relay is enabled, the DSP generates Annex A frames instead of passing a DTMF tone through the network as a voice sample. It is recommended that this command be used with low bit-rate CODECs (around 8000bps or less). To enable the generation of Annex A frames for a dial peer, use the 'dtmf-relay' command.



New Member

Re: 3662; vofr, T1, dial = "no resource avaialable"

Georg thanks for the input, (1) question though, how come the rest (30) of my locations work with this disabled?

New Member

Re: 3662; vofr, T1, dial = "no resource avaialable"

also, you mentioned that it was for LOW codec complexity, 8000 or below;

in my config, i show:

voice-card 2

codec complexity high