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3700 router performance

We are trying to provide a customer some factual information about how much throughput (in bps) a 3700 can run at. CCO quotes the kpps in all cases. By my calculation this works out as approx:

3725 ---- 51mbps-1.2gbps

3745 ----115mbps-2.7gbps

This is based on 64-1500 size packets. I'm sure the lower figure is fine, but I guess the upper figure is almost certainly not the case (yes I appreciate that the interfaces don't perform that fast). Basically I want to confirm wire speed routing at FE speeds full duplex. Does anyone have factual information about bps throughput capabilities? thanks, Mark.

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Re: 3700 router performance

With the performance of 3725 being 100 Kpps and 3745 being 225 Kpps, I think you are calculations are correct. Though a single interface may not perform at that speed, I would think that these speeds are basically the maximum aggregate of all the different interfaces available on the router in terms of network modules, interface cards etc.

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