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3745 IBM Controller MAC address

We have an IBM 3745 controller on our network we use to run certain programs used on the mainframe.

We now are connecting to an outside vendor for insurance verification purposes. The problem is that their network also has a 3745 with the same MAC address. Is there anyway to translate the MAC address through a router configuration?


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Re: 3745 IBM Controller MAC address

If the 3745 are on different subnets seperated by a router, having the same MAC address on both devices will not cause any problems with traffic reaching each device. I am not sure if it cause an application issue.

Remember, routers rewrite MAC addresses as packet tranverse the network.

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Re: 3745 IBM Controller MAC address

Are these mainframes talking layer2 or layer3? If layer 3 no issue. Layer 2, could be a problem, I'm not sure if DLSw can do anything with the MAC on a token ring connected device, if the 37445 was connected to the router via serial interface then you can specify the MAC address.

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