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3745 loading wrong IOS

Have a 3745 that has two version of IOS on flash:

12.2 and 12.3

I upgraded the router to 12.3 using the boot system flash: command and reloaded the router. It is now running 12.3. After powering down the router a couple of times and powering on the router will boot up all of a sudden on the 12.2 image. When doing a sh flash: the 12.2 is the first image listed.

Why does the 12.2 load even though there is a explicit statement loading the 12.3 image? Also if I delete the 12.2 image after power down and up sometimes the router will try to load from sdmconfig file because it is the first file listed and since it isnt a valid IOS image it fails into rommon.

Anyone seen this happen before or have a fix??


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Re: 3745 loading wrong IOS

With boot statement, you should boot into the image that statement specified. Otherwise it will try to boot the first file in the flash. After deleted the file, you need to do the "squeeze command" so the next image will go up. If this becomes constant problem, I suggest you open a case with TAC.

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Re: 3745 loading wrong IOS

With 12.3 there isnt a squeeze command unless it is behind another command. Also if I rename the 12.2 to test.bin, delete the 12.2 original file. The 12.3 image is 1 and the test.bin is 2. Once the router is reloaded the test.bin becomes 1 and the 12.3 becomes 2.

Does it make sense that the IOS tries to load a non-IOS file? I would think it would be smart enough to know not to try to load sdm.cfg and other files instead of actual IOS images.

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